ContraGel - The Natural Alternative To Spermicide - UK Only.

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ContraGel - The Natural Alternative To Spermicide

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ContraGel - The Natural Alternative To Spermicide
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Take your basal body temperature every morning and let Teena figure out your menstrual cycle for you. Using this proven cycle sign, Teena can predict your next period’s arrival with accuracy. Get to know your hormones as a whole, with the helpful hub of Teena’s app.


Discover Teena

Before you get out of bed, take your temperature with Teena! Simply slip Teena’s sensor under your tongue, delivering the data needed to accurately track your periods. Making a habit out of Teena will bring you cycle confidence. In under 30 seconds Teena will collect, track, and calculate the details of your cycle so you always know what to expect.


Track your emotions

You’re so hormotional! And that’s a good thing. Track your emotions and get to know yourself better. Feel confident and in control. There are no bad feelings. 

Teena tracker
Using the accurate cycle sign of basal body temperature, go deeper to discover each of your cycle phases. Teena combines accurate cycle science and body knowledge to track, understand, educate, and empower.

Symptoms and signs

Teena leads with positivity and education to help you understand your body’s signs (like cervical fluid) and your body’s symptoms (like cramps or acne). Get the science and the support.

Positive affirmations
Your body is amazing and so are you! Daily reminders of just how great you are, to lift you up when the hormones are getting you down. Puberty is a ride, we’re here by your side. 

As easy as... Wake up - Measure - Sync - Done!

  • Wake up. Take your Teena from your nightstand.
  • Hold your finger on the touch field and an orange light will begin flashing.
  • Place the Teena sensor under your tongue to measure your basal body temperature.
  • Sync with the Teena App and enter your period when you are ready.
  • You can explore the app to learn more about your cycle and your body!



Teena analyzes your body’s cycle signs to give precise information on your current cycle phase and period timing.

Sync to the app to dive into the details! Learn more about what’s happening in your body and what to expect next. Track your emotions. Listen to your cycle signs and symptoms. Get daily, positive, responsive feedback.

Average cycle length

Learn the average length of your menstrual cycles from one period to the next.

Period length

How many period days is normal for you? Find out what your past periods have looked like and get prepped for the next one.

Compare cycles

Having a longer cycle? Or a shorter period? Check it out, contrast, and compare.

Experience your phase

It’s not just periods! Experience the two phases of your menstrual cycle. Surf the hormone waves. Learn what it means to be feeling follicular. Get to know the luteal you.


Don’t just track your period, learn your cycle! Teena is an accurate period tracker and then some. Packed with knowledge drops you can pick up at your own pace, we want you to use Teena to get to know your body better. This isn’t health class; here you’ll learn about your cycles, periods, hormones, and health with a dose of positivity and fun.


Worried about leaks? What are period poops anyway?! It’s all in the Teena magazine! Scroll our bite-sized articles to better understand your body. This is menstrual cycle 101, the biological basics. Because knowledge is power.

Cycle Journey

Our interactive

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