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Glyde Premium Vegan Condoms - Pack of 10 Vegan Condoms for Ethical Contraception

GLYDE vegan condoms are strong, reliable, super smooth, and constructed with a high-tech 'double dipping' technology. Even better, they are ethically produced, with a special emphasis on Fair Trade and work conditions on the Malaysian rubber plantations. GLYDE condoms do not contain nonoxynol-9 spermicide, talc, or chemical based flavorings. The milk derivative present in other condoms is replaced by natural thistle extract in GLYDE condoms. They are compatible with ContraGel spermicide alternative and YES water-based organic lubricants.

4 sizes available:

MAXI 190mm Length. 56mm Nominal Width. Maxi Size
SLIM FIT 170mm Length. 49mm Width. Slim Size
ULTRA 180mm length. 53mm width. Standard Size.  
SUPER MAX 200 mm Length. 60 mm width. Super Large Size
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ImageProduct Name
Glyde Ultra - 10 Premium Vegan Condoms - 180mm length / 53mm width. Standard Size
Weight : 0.046 kgs
  • Buy 3 for £5.32 each and save 33%
Glyde SlimFit - 10 Premium Vegan Condoms -170mm Length / 49mm Width. Slim Size
Weight : 0.044 kgs
  • Buy 3 for £5.32 each and save 33%
Glyde Maxi - 10 Premium Vegan Condoms - 190mm Length / 56mm Width. Large Size
Weight : 0.048 kgs
  • Buy 3 for £5.32 each and save 33%
Glyde Super Max - 10 Premium Vegan Condoms - 200 mm Length / 60 mm width. XL size
Weight : 0.052 kgs
  • Buy 3 for £5.32 each and save 33%
Glyde Slimfit - CASE of 10 Packs of 10 Vegan Condoms (100 Condoms) - Slim Size
Weight : 0.495 kgs
Glyde Ultra - CASE of 10 Packs of 10 Vegan Condoms (100 Condoms) - Standard Size
Weight : 0.515 kgs
Glyde Maxi - CASE of 10 Packs of 10 Vegan Condoms (100 Condoms) - L size
Weight : 0.540 kgs
Glyde Super Max - CASE of 10 Packs of 10 Vegan Condoms (100 Condoms) - XL Size
Weight : 0.580 kgs
Yes Lubricant- 50ml Water Based
Weight : 0.075 kgs
  • Buy 2 for £4.80 each and save 20%
Yes Lubricant- 100ml Water Based
Weight : 0.138 kgs
  • Buy 2 for £8.00 each and save 20%
Yes Lubricant - 150ml Water Based
Weight : 0.186 kgs
  • Buy 2 for £12.00 each and save 20%
Natracare Organic Cotton Intimate Wipes - Chlorine and Alcohol Free
Weight : 0.091 kgs
  • Buy 2 for £2.50 each and save 9%

GLYDE manufactures and distributes the highest quality, vegan-friendly condoms. GLYDE condoms are dairy-free, glycerin-free, paraben-free and void of all risky chemicals including talc, nonoxynol-9 and benzocaine. The use of thistle extract in the place of the dairy derivative casein, and natural organic flavorings, resulting in a totally plant based product. They can even be composted!

GLYDE Ultra latex condoms are manufactured from the highest quality natural latex to the most exacting standards. The exclusive, patented "double dipping" technology makes the condoms especially strong without increasing the thickness resulting in a sheer, ultra-fine sheath.

Other condom brands claim to be so thin, they're "nude" or "naked". Latex condoms are measured in microns. 1 micron = 1/1000th of a millimeter. The truth is sensation will not be effected by microscopic differences, but strength may be. At 55 microns, GLYDE condoms are as thin as a condom can be without compromising strength.

The double washing manufacturing process eliminates any unpleasant latex rubber taste or smell, and our GLYDE condoms are all unflavoured with minimal lubricant. 

GLYDE prides themselves in the minimalist packaging of their condoms. Boxes are made with 100% recycled cardboard and vegetable inks. No wasteful cellophane or plastics are ever used.

4 sizes available:

MAXI 190mm Length. 56mm Nominal Width. Maxi Size
SLIM FIT 170mm Length. 49mm Width. Slim Size
ULTRA 180mm length. 53mm width. Standard Size.  
SUPER MAX 200 mm Length. 60 mm width. Super Large Size
More Information
Product SheetGlyde Vegan Condoms Product Sheet
Product VideosNot Available Online
What's It Used For?A Barrier Contraceptive To Help Prevent Pregnancy And STDs
NotesShould Not be Used With Oil Based Lubricants
Why Buy?Hormone Free Contraception During The Fertility Window. Prevents STDs. Ethically Produced. Vegan. Natural Rubber. Electronically Tested For Superior Strength.

Q. Are Glyde condoms Vegan?

A. Yes, they are certified by the Vegan Society.

Q. I'm looking for a condom without lubricant, are GLYDE condoms lubricated?

A. There is no added lubricant on Glyde condoms. Some condoms are very 'slimy' as they contain a significant amount of lubricant on them. Glyde condoms ARE lubricated (but only with a drop of 100% biologically inert silicone oil - so it shouldn't cause any adverse reactions as it is paraben free and glycerin free - but only very slightly - usually the quantity is not enough for a couples sexual activity so extra lubricant usually needs to be added (like our water based organic and vegan lubricants from Yes). The condoms do not contain any pharmaceutically active substances (spermicides, benzocaine or thermo active substances) and do not contain any other chemicals.

Q. How are GLYDE condoms tested?

A. Condoms are Class II medical devices and the materials and methods with which they are made are subject to rigorous regulatory controls including ISO manufacturing requirements (also set by the World Health Organization) and FDA and CE approvals. Our condoms are tested multiple times for quality assurance – including measuring elasticity and material uniformity, electronic strength/burst testing, and examination for holes or punctures. Prior to distribution, our products are regularly tested again by independent third party laboratories to ensure they meet performance standards.

Q. Are there GMO ingredients in GLYDE condoms?

A. We share your concerns about GMO’s so we’re thrilled to report that we do not use GMO rubber. However, we do not have a non-GMO certified badge on our box or website, because it seemed silly to spend thousands of dollars certifying a non-issue. We’ve thoroughly researched this topic by talking with our suppliers, rubber industry experts and organizations involved in rubber crop sustainability. Here is their answer: They have never heard of any condom brand, anywhere in the world, that contains GMO rubber. To date, GMO rubber isn’t really an issue, and most of the world’s rubber suppliers (including ours) are engaged in progressive sustainability programs. Rubber producers supply not only condom companies, but many industries including manufacturers of tires, automotive parts, toys, medical devices – you name it. All major suppliers work closely with global rubber associations, sustainability and labor experts, and various government agencies to implement best farming practices and environmental integrity. In this case, producing GMO rubber is counter-intuitive to the business, and generally speaking, defies logic. But hey, if GMO rubber ever becomes an issue, we promise to just say no.

Q. Why are GLYDE condoms not lubricated?

A. We would love to use organic lubricant but there are a couple of reasons we don’t. First, organic lubricant has a shorter shelf life than medical-grade silicone, so using it would also limit the shelf life of the condoms – which is up to five years, when stored correctly. Second, as of now, the regulatory bodies who control condom production (World Health Organization, ISO, FDA and CE) will only approve condoms made with silicone lubricant. Therefore, we use a body-friendly, non-toxic, paraben-free and glycerin-free medical grade silicone that’s sparingly applied to preserve latex suppleness and prevent the material from sticking to itself. To enhance enjoyment, we recommend adding a few drops of your favorite water-based, silicone-water hybrid, or silicone lubricant – on the inside and outside of the condom.

Q. Are GLYDE condoms vagina-friendly? I often have problems with my vaginal pH being disrupted.

A. As a woman-owned company, we care about your wellness as we do our own. Designed for your health and pleasure, our products do not contain harmful additives or risky chemicals including Benzocaine or Nonoxynol-9. With a silky texture and lightly applied, our lubricant is a premium medical-grade silicone formula that is paraben-free and glycerin-free. Our flavored condoms are made with real fruit/plant extracts – no fake chemicals or sugars that could disrupt vaginal pH balance. In our manufacturing process, we use oat powder instead of talc (a known carcinogen) and we double wash each condom to eliminate any residue, latex taste or odor.

Q. How do I know what sizeof condom will fit me?

A. For a lot of people buying the best condom can be a confusing process. Safe, enjoyable and effective condom use is not a ‘one size fits all’ proposition. Proper condom fit is the key to comfort and reliable protection for both partners. When condom is too large it can slip off during intercourse. Too small, it’s prone to break. The best condom is the one that fits you perfectly.

In a recent condom sizing survey of 3,000 men

25% complained that condoms are too tight 15% reported issues with condoms that were “too loose.” 44% of survey participants claimed condoms had either slipped off or broke during use. 50% felt that condoms, in general, do not fit well.

In other words, an alarming 50% of condom users are not only having bad sex, but risky bad sex, which is inexcusable and unnecessary.

By choosing the right condom size, safer sex can be your best sex.

GLYDE has you covered with three sizes: ULTRA, MAXI, SUPERMAX and SLIMFIT

ULTRA is our standard, medium condom. Width: 2.09”/53mm, Length 7.48” /190mm MAXI 190mm Length. 56mm. Width. SUPER MAX 200 mm Length. 60 mm width. SLIMFIT is snug and tight. Width 1.92” / 49mm, Length: 6.69” /170mm

What’s your size?

Figuring out the right size is easy – all you need is string, a ruler or measuring tape, and an erect penis.

Here’s How

1. In order to accurately measure penis size, first you must have an erect penis (since penis size when flaccid is not an accurate measurement). How you choose to accomplish this task is up to you. But we can’t move any further in determining penis size until your penis has assumed the proper position!

2. Measure Penis Length -– Start off by measuring the length of your penis. All you need to do is use a ruler or measuring tape. Position the ruler or measuring tape at the base of your penis (where it attaches to your body –- make sure to press into the pubic bone as far as you can because fat can actually hide the length of your penis). Measure your penis length by marking how long it is from the base all the way to the end of the tip. Write down this number and label it “penis length”.

3. Measure Penis Girth -– Now you will be measuring around your penis, basically figuring out its circumference/thickness, or penis girth. For this step, you need to use a piece of string (or something similar) or a soft measuring tape. Gently wrap the string one time around the thickest part of the shaft/body of your erect penis (yes, it still needs to be erect!). Mark where the string meets and then measure the distance of the string with a ruler. You could also do the same thing with the soft measuring tape, and just mark the measurement once you reach around the penis. Write down this number and label it “penis girth”. You can determine penis width or diameter by dividing the girth measurement by 3.14.

4. Great! Now you have a good idea of your penis size, and it’s time for the fun part (an erect penis is no longer needed). It is time to compare your penis size with the average penis size. Typically, the average erection has a penis length of approximately 5.5 to 6.3 inches (139.7 to 160.02 mm) and has a girth ranging between 4.5 to 5.1 inches (114.3 to 129.54 mm). The average diameter (penis width) would equal out to about 1.4 to 1.6 inches (35.56 to 40.64 mm). If your penis measurements are close to these averages, then a standard size condom should provide you with the most accurate fit. Keep in mind that a condom should completely cover your penis and have some space at the tip to catch the ejaculate.

Additional Tips

It may be best to use condom width when comparing condom sizes. As a general guide, condoms with a width of 1.75 to 2 inches (44.45 to 50.8 mm) are typically considered standard, while those under 1.75 inches are categorized as snug and condoms over 2 inches are considered large. Going by length may be confusing because different condom manufactures use slightly different measurements, so what one manufacturer calls large may actually be standard for another. Because of this, standard condoms may have a length between 7.25 to 7.8 inches (184.15 to 198.12 mm); snug condoms may have a length of 7 to 7.8 (177.8 to 198.12 mm); large condoms length ranges from 7.25 to 8.1 inches (184.15 to 205.74 mm).

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