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Natural Intimacy

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Ready to feel fantastic? Why not try these products:

  1. Esponjas-intimas naturales en bolsas de Hemp
    Price (Inc. VAT):
    • Moisten with water before use for Intimate Sponges to become soft and silky.
    • Each sponge carefully hand selected for size & premium quality
    • Harvesting processes supports marine ecosystem; Biodegradable
    • Reusable, cost saving and eco-friendly alternative
    • Beautifully packaged in reusable packaging - Makes ideal gift

    Natural Intimacy Sea Sponges are a silky soft premium product unlike any other. A jewel of nature that was identified in ancient times for its astonishing absorbency, sea sponges have resurfaced as a natural skincare product for even the most delicate skin, as a reusable alternative to synthetic feminine products and to be used for play and cleansing during baby bath time.  

    Each sponge is carefully hand selected for optimum absorbency, density, size and quality from the Mediterranean sea. The harvesting process does not harm the environment and every sponge can be used for many months before being composted at the end of its cycle. Natural Intimacy sponges are 100% natural and contain no synthetic fibers, pesticides or chlorine. Our Intimate Sponges the softest kind, Mediterranean Silk, so they are super comfortable, cannot be felt internally and are easy to remove. Just wet, twist and insert!

    Intimate sea sponges get their astonishing absorbency from millions of naturally occurring pores and canals. Sponges are durable, naturally mold and fungus resistant, and can be reused for months. Packaged either in a tough, natural hemp drawstring bag (100% plastic free packaging!) or in a round cardboard tube with a sturdy blue cotton bag that camouflages stains. Choose your ideal sponge set!

    Sizing varies as these soft sponges are a natural product, but generally fall under these two size ranges:
    Large Natural Intimacy sponges: 6.5cm - 8 cm (2.5inches - 3inches)
    Medium Natural Intimacy sponges: 5cm-7cm (2inches - 2.7inches)
    Natural Intimacy BodyCare sponge (Bath sponge): 12cm-14cm (about 5 inches) 


  2. Bodycare Sponge - Natural Sea Sponge
    Price (Inc. VAT):
    • 100% natural Honeycomb sea sponge. Earthy brown color; never bleached or dyed.
    • Ethically harvested by trained divers.
    • Unique structure of Honeycomb sponge pulls dirt from skin while gently exfoliating.
    • Every sponge is hand selected; only the most luxurious pass our high-quality standards.
    • Generous 11.5cm, just the right size to fit comfortably in your hand.
  3. Babycare Sponges - Natural Sea Sponges - Twinpack
    Price (Inc. VAT):
    • silky soft and reusable bath sponges especially for extra sensitive skin.
    • creates a soft foamy lather from minimal soap
    • 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly.
    • ethically harvested off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.
    • Sponges are a fun toy to play with! But remember to always supervise baby during playtime.

    Honeycomb Sponges have dense yet silky fibers and a unique texture that is perfect for gentle cleansing of extra sensitive skin. Thousands of naturally occurring tunnels and canals in the Babycare Sea Sponges create a divine lather out of just the tiniest bit of soap or body wash and can be used again and again. These squishy sponges are also the perfect size for baby to play with. A great tactile toy to stimulate the senses and encourage learning! Just remember to supervise baby during playtime.

  4. FemmyCycle New Packaging
    Price (Inc. VAT):
    • Three tailored sizes ensures a perfect fit for everyone
    • Smarter design resulting in larger capacity, even with a low cervix
    • Minimal ridges and holes for easier cleaning
    • Medical grade silicone free of dyes or chemicals
    • Vegan friendly

    Replace toxic tampons with a body-friendly and green solution for your menstrual care needs. The FemmyCycle menstrual cup features a unique 'No-Spill' design to make insertion and removal totally secure, so you feel fresh and protected all day long. This high capacity cup is perfect for heavy flow or overnight use.

4 Items

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